Sports Medicine 

The O’Brien Clinic Physiotherapy team are all too familiar with the demands of competitive sport and the psychology attached to injury. Our physiotherapists have achieved highly in their own sporting arenas and needless to say they have picked up more than a few injuries on the way! They share with you personal experiences and knowledge that we believe cannot be learnt within an academic setting. They know how it feels to desperately strive to meet a competition day deadline and to want to participate at all costs. As a result we are perfectly positioned to provide you with the best advice to help you succeed in your sport.

At the O’Brien Clinic we liaise with who we believe to be the best Sports Physicians, Orthopaedic Consultants and Neurosurgeons country wide.  We enjoy working in conjunction with these colleagues when necessary in order to provide comprehensive treatment plans for our patients.

We have devised cutting edge evidence based rehab protocols for every injury unique to the O’Brien Clinic. Our Hip/Groin, Knee, Ankle and Shoulder rehab protocols  are all supervised by experienced Chartered Physiotherapists using our unique rehab devices.


We Treat

Golf Injuries

Tennis Injuries

GAA Injuries

Equestrian Injuries

Racket Injuries

Running Injuries

Swimming Injuries

We have devised cutting edge evidence based rehab protocols for every injury unique to the O’Brien Clinic. Our Hip/Groin, Knee, Ankle and Shoulder rehab protocols are all supervised by experienced Chartered Physiotherapists using our unique rehab devices.


Sport Specific Rehabilitation

The O’Brien Clinic offers unique expertise from hands on treatment, supervised gym rehab to sports specific training in our track and pitch facility. The primary goal at the O Brien Clinic is to help patients return to their previous level of activity by the quickest and safest means possible.  Our physiotherapists have a comprehensive understanding of the biomechanics required for various sports and can design programs that achieve the strength, flexibility, range of motion, endurance and balance necessary to safely return to sport.
During sport-specific rehabilitation in our specialised rehabilitation gym , patients are introduced to an exercise progression that goes beyond standard weight training.  To assist patients back to their pre-injury level of activity, our professional team of physiotherapists closely monitor, progress and incorporate a step by step progression of activities.  As strength and full range of motion are achieved, patients are given exercises that incorporate balance and proprioception (training the body’s awareness in space).

As patients progress, rehab progresses to our track and green space facility for agility training exercise to enhance speed agility and reaction time and ultimate performance.  Plyometric exercises often involve jumping for the lower extremities or throwing for the upper extremities and are used to train explosive movements.   The further along a patient is in the exercise progression, the more the exercises will mimic the specific motions of a particular sport.  This progression ensures that patients remain challenged, interested, and return to play as strong as possible.

The O’Brien Clinic has worked with athletes competing at the highest level in tennis, badminton, squash, golf, hurling, football, gaelic football, camoige, swimming, rowing, kayaking, sailing, diving, rugby, basketball, volleyball, handball, track and field, martial arts, horse racing, showjumping, gymnastics and even tug-of-war! Whether we are treating a recreational or professional athlete, our team of Physiotherapists understand the importance of getting our patients stronger than ever and a safe return to sport.

Our Approach

At The O’Brien Clinic we believe in restoring you to full fitness. We endeavour to prevent your injury from reoccurring by supervising your rehabilitation in our specialised rehabilitation gym and track testing facility. At the O’Brien Clinic we believe that time in rehab is a time to make you a better, stronger, faster and a more agile athlete. Our approach to Physiotherapy is an active hands on approach with exercise therapy. With our expertise as sports people we will design a comprehensive supervised programme to ensure a safe return to sport. We believe that rehab must continue even after you return to sport to prevent reoccurrence. We advise all our patients to return to The O’Brien Clinic for regular screening to prevent re-injury.

Important To Know

Remember it is only Chartered Physiotherapists who work with professional sporting teams and organisations such as the Irish Rugby and Soccer teams and they play an integral part in the treatment, rehabilitation and injury prevention of professional athletes. At the O’Brien Clinic we encourage you to ensure that your Physiotherapist is CHARTERED.