Marion Slattery

B.Sc. Hons Occupational Therapy 

Marion completed her degree in Occupational Therapy in 2009 at N.U.I. Galway where she qualified with an honours degree. With a passion for travel, and to gain OT experience, Marion moved to England to work in a Community Rehabilitation Hospital for almost two years. After gaining invaluable experience in this area she moved to Australia to work in a Private Rehabilitation Hospital for adults for four years. Marion’s experience is mainly in adult rehabilitation and she is particularly passionate about working with people with varying neurological diagnoses such as Parkinson’s Disease, MS and Stroke. She also works with adults who have had falls, surgery and who have decreased mobility.

OT Intervention aims to improve a person’s independence through targeting functional problems such as self-care, mobility, transfers, community access etc. through hands on treatment including recommendations regarding adaptation to the task and the environment, education for clients and family members, and functional task practise.

Marion has a special interest in working with people with Parkinson’s Disease (PD) and is certified in the ‘LSVT® BIG’ exercise treatment program for people with Parkinson’s. It is based on the principle that the brain can learn and change (neuroplasticity). It has been formulated from an existing programme to help with speech for people with PD called the Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT® LOUD). Research on LSVT use over the last 15 years has shown that it results in improvements in speech intelligibility and voice loudness. LSVT BIG works on the same principle, using a single therapy focus (BIGNESS of movement) to improve movement quality in PD.

Marion is also a certified ‘Tai Chi for health and Falls Prevention’ instructor. Falls are the most common cause of injury in older adults and the main reason for hospital admission in those aged 65 and older. There is compelling evidence on the effectiveness of Tai Chi in preventing falls. 13 randomised control trials around the world have consistently demonstrated that Tai Chi is effective in reducing the risk of falls and preventing falls.  Marion can run a Tai Chi class for you, whether that is for a group of friends, a group of people in a nursing home or a group of people with a similar health condition.

Marion is providing a new service including individual occupational therapy intervention, home visits and home based therapy, group exercise and related education classes. If you feel you or someone you know would benefit please call or email to discuss: 083 8377059 /



Specialist Areas of practice:

Adult rehabilitation / neurological rehabilitation


Services offer include:

  • OT Home Visits
    • Do you have problems accessing your home? Difficulty climbing stairs or getting in and out of bed etc.? An assessment can be completed in your own home where recommendations can be made for equipment and home modifications and task modifications to increase independence and safety in the home.


  • Individual OT sessions (can be clinic based or in the person’s home)
    • Independent Living Skills Re-Training (e.g. showering and dressing)
    • Cognitive Rehab
    • Upper Limb Therapy
    • Carer Training
    • Falls Prevention
    • Return to Work
    • LSVT® BIG


  • Group classes
    • Tai Chi for Health and Falls Prevention
    • Falls Prevention
    • Independent Living Skills
    • Stroke Upper Limb Bootcamp
    • PD Combat (Functional exercise class for people with PD)