FLOWIN® Friction Training is a high intensity, low impact workout which utilizes a patented friction technology to help you get the most out of your fitness routine. FLOWIN® Concept is a total body workout system which combines body weight training with horizontal friction resulting in an extremely versatile exercise form, utilized by top athletes, personal trainers and private users all over the world.

The FLOWIN® Team believes in using the body as a tool, without the distraction of constricting equipment in order to maximize results and minimize the risk of injury. The FLOWIN® Board is a functional exercise tool focusing on stabilizing the core, building muscle and losing weight.

Born from a interdisciplinary cooperation between top athletes, fitness professionals and material engineering experts, FLOWIN®Friction Training develops strength, balance, core stability and flexibility simultaneously.

The FLOWIN® Friction Board is a highly portable training tool that leverages gravity, horizontal friction and the user’s own body weight to complete hundreds of dynamic exercises.


As a Physiotherapist I find prescribing core exercises monotonous! As a former inter county hurler I found doing core exercises extremely boring!

That was until I starting using friction board training at my clinic in 2012! Since then teaching core exercises and keeping fit myself has become so much fun!

The Flowin board covers all aspects of core stability training from beginners, to high level intensity core training.

I have found it a fantastic rehab tool in the treatment of hip/groin and hamstring injuries within the sports population.

Founder O’Brien Clinic

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“I have been using the Flowin board for many years. In terms of mobility,core and activation it’s the best piece of equipment I have come across. It is extremely useful to me for activation before games, training and also for ongoing prehab and rehab work, which I can do with my own Flowin from home whenever suits me, which is very convenient. It continues to be vital for me ensuring I can stay fit and strong to compete at the highest level. The number of injuries I have picked up since starting using the Flowin has reduced significantly also. A very effective piece of kit!”

John McGrath – Tipperary Senior Hurler

The Flowin board was and continues to be of huge benefit to me as an athlete. Since I have began using Flowin, I have noticed big increases in my range of movement especially around my hip and groin area and have also noticed a good increase in my core strength. I have also found the mat to be an integral part of my warm up before a training session or match and would always complete a 5 minute session on the Flowin Mat before leaving the dressing room.

James Barry – Tipperary Senior Hurler

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“The Flowin friction board is by far the best way of training your core! Over the years I’ve found it difficult to incorporate core training into my busy training schedule. Since using the Flowin mat, I have felt much stronger and more mobile on the pitch. What I love about the Flowin board is that you can use it almost every day in the comfort of your own home while gettin a serious hard core workout! It’s deadly for rehab when recovering from injury and has helped me immensely! I would recommend this product to anyone!”

Paudie Maher – Tipperary Senior Hurling Captain