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FLOWIN® Pro Science Friction


FLOWIN® Sport Edition


FLOWIN® Pro Plus


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All prices are in Euro. Product prices will be maintained but may be subject to price flux without the customer’s prior knowledge. Product prices on the date of dispatch will be the prices in which the customer will be invoiced for.

O’Brien Clinic retains the right to remove any products from their selection which is no longer available to supply or in which the current market conditions makes it no longer viable to supply a particular product to the market

Reservation of Title

Full ownership and rights of title for each product will not be given to the customer unless their account/invoice has been settled in full. Only then will the customer receive ownership status and rights of title.


Freight charges and shown immediately in the shopping-cart. Delivery will be made to the address specified by buyer. It is solely the buyer’s responsibility to ensure that the supplied address at the time of the order is correct. Delivery charges will apply to all orders unless previous arrangements have been made with O’Brien Clinic.


We pride ourselves in providing a fast and effective service to all of our customers. If you are not satisfied that your goods have been delivered in less than perfect condition, you must contact us within 24 hours of order being delivered.


Payment in connection with the order of merchandise is made on this homepage by PayPal. O’Brien Clinic accepts most cards, bank transfers and personal/ company cheques. Please call 067 26111 or email info@obrienclinic.ie to arrange an alternative method of payment other than Paypal.

Refunds & Returns

As stated in the consumer contract regulations, each customer has a “cooling off period” in which they have the ability to return their goods to O’Brien Clinic if they are not entirely satisfied with the condition of the products that have been delivered to them.

Customers must acknowledge that if they want to return an item in which they have previously purchased from O’Brien Clinic, then the products must be returned to us in a re-sellable condition and the returnee must pay all of the costs involved in returning the product to O’Brien Clinic. The customer must first contact O’Brien Clinic before returning any goods.

Security & Privacy

FLOWIN® Pro Science Friction

Every customer’s personal information is stored safe and secure. We do not exchange your information or share our customer’s details with third parties, other organisations or external marketing firms. All information requested by us is used so that O’Brien Clinic can process your order in the fastest and most effective way possible. Our customer’s telephone number will be supplied to our couriers to guarantee the arrival and receipt of your products from O’Brien Clinic.