Back Pain

Back pain can be caused by problems with discs, joints, muscles and ligaments. It is most often the result of acute trauma injury, poor postural habits and over loading the spine.
Specific symptoms of back pain may include:
– Muscle ache
– Shooting or stabbing pain
– Pain that radiates down your leg
– Limited mobility
– Difficulty standing straight

As there are several causes of back pain, our Physiotherapists are trained to diagnose exactly what is causing your pain.
We will carry out a comprehensive assessment and treatment plan for your particular problem.
The O Brien Clinic runs back pain Pilates classes to ensure a safe rehabilitation period when returning to work and sport.

Neck Pain

Neck Pain can often be associated with neck stiffness, pins and needles in the arm,shoulder stiffness and related pain in the shoulder blade, head, arm, wrist and hand.

It can be caused by a sprained ligament, pressure on a disc or a muscle strain or spasm.

It can often be a result of poor postural habits at work, whiplash post road traffic accident, strains while playing sports or stress related incidents in one’s life.

All of our Physiotherapists at the O’Brien Clinic have training in the assessment and diagnosis of musculoskeletal injuries.

We employ the most advanced techniques and their results are sometimes instantaneous.